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The mission of Concord University is to improve the lives of our students and communities, through innovative teaching and learning, intellectual and creative activities, and community service and civic engagement.

Upcoming Events

Natural Healing and Relaxation

Subway Stage Area

Colton Lively

September27Wednesday11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Sober Halloween Promotional Table

Ground Floor Lobby

Brandon Whitehouse

September27Wednesday12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Suicide Prevention & Awareness Event

Ground Floor Lobby

Brandon Whitehouse

September27Wednesday12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Featured Stories

Jade Gravely '18
Beckley, WV

When it came to choosing a college, Jade knew exactly what she wanted. She sought after a school that had a strong academic reputation, was financially reasonable, and she wanted a school where she wouldn't just be a name and face to professors, but a person they truly cared about. Jade found all of that and more at Concord University. From being a voice for her peers on the Student Government Association to her involvement in Greek life, Jade found herself very involved in extracurricular activities at Concord. She credits the academic and extracurricular opportunities she was offered at Concord, that allowed her to come to realize her passion for the legal field. Four years later Jade graduated without any student debt, left Concord with a lifetime of memories, and now continues her journey in law school. It Starts With You.

“I will forever be thankful for what Concord University brought me- a 4 year degree without any student debt, acceptance into a great graduate school, and a lifetime of memories.”

Jade Gravely - Featured Student

Jade Gravely '18

Beckley, WV

Photo of Adam Cook - Featured Alumni

Adam Cook '18

Bradley, WV

Dr. Tracy Luff, Professor of Sociology & Director of Honors Program

Dr. Tracy Luff

Professor of Sociology & Director of Honors Program

Photo of Dr. Thomas McKenna

Dr. Thomas McKenna

Professor of Philosophy and History

Hannah Justice
Princeton, WV

Not only was Concord close to home for Hannah, but due to the reputation of the university’s commitment to providing extensive scholarship opportunities for students it attracted her to Concord even more. She emphasizes that one of the best parts of the campus is the community of diverse people. While getting to meet people from all over the world during her time on campus, Concord has shown her that although we are all different, we still come together as one people. Majoring in Chemistry with the chosen route being the 3+1 pre-pharmacy plan, Hannah has always wanted to work in the medical field while being behind the scenes in some way. She is involved on campus with the Bonner Scholars Program as well as the Appalachian Leadership Education Foundation. “I would encourage a new student to come to Concord because you will get opportunities to meet new people, learn new things through picking one of the many options to study, and become a part of the comforting atmosphere created by students and faculty.”